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Black and white, a match made in fashion heaven, the classic combination which is decades old never seems to ever leave the home interior scene, which is how it’s earned its ‘timeless’ status.



With so many ways to execute this style in your home, whether it’s going bold with black and white walls, floors, accessories, or if it’s a subtle approach with blends of grey shades. However, you decide you’ll probably be wondering where to begin? So to help you out, the team here at Lina Home has put together a handy guide on how you can showcase the monochrome style in your interior display.

Modern Monochrome


Often it’s mistaken that the black and white combo gives off a cold unexciting look to a room, but we think the total opposite, we believe that black and white add a classy finish to any space. The ongoing trend ‘luxe’ springs to mind where designers including ourselves are designing and manufacturing luxury furniture, lighting, and accessories in this classic colour combo that totally screams luxe style as well as being incredibly modern and sleek. We use luscious fabrics and embellishments such as velvet and diamantes in our ranges as well as metallic additions including chrome, gold, or polished stainless steel to enhance the overall look. 



The best-selling white Manhattan range features sleek white glass surfaces, mirrored edging and sparkling diamante handles


Scandi Vibes


If you’re not totally ready to take the plunge by going all black and white, you can surely dip your toes by throwing grey into the mix. Scandinavian interiors often use minimalism so using shades of grey is a great way of introducing a monochromatic look to your interior. For a paired back look use white as your base, you can then start refining the look by accessorising with grey accessories such as cushions, throws, and decorative pieces. In smaller spaces the general rule – less is more - still reigns as you’d still want to keep the room bright and airy.

Perfect Patterns


When it comes to patterns, black and white make the perfect pair, whether its herringbone, chessboard, diamonds, or even geometries. They make a powerful impact in both contemporary and classic interiors and patterns can be often seen in floor or wall tiling, soft furnishings, and even furniture. The best part about this trend is that it will go with just about anything therefore to jazz up the blend a bit we’ve started to throw in metallics and mirrored accents. Inspired by beautiful geometric patterns seen in Greek cities, the new Helios black range incorporates a monochromatic design and features a vector pattern, matte black painted wood trims, and striking clear mirror inserts. This sharp design is enough to be the focal point in any room as its black base creates an anchored defined look and the added mirror maximises the design statement



New for Autumn 2019, the Helios black collection features a geometric vector pattern design with clear mirror insets


As new interior trends emerge, one that’s sure to stay for years to come is the black and white monochrome trend. You too can save on styling by incorporating this trend as your interior base and swapping out furnishings according to the season, as the versatility of the trend means it’ll work well with any additional colours whether that’s autumnal reds and yellows or pastel greens and pinks for spring.


Keep ahead of the latest interior trends by keeping an eye on our blog page where we will continue to provide you with inspiration, top decorating tips, guides, and also showcase our new products too.


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