Getting Your Way Around Modern Floor Lamps


So, you are in the middle of the redecoration process and unsure about the lighting situation. Or maybe you’re moving into a new place and need new lighting set up.


Lighting can often make the most impact on the look and feel of any room. It sets the tone and brings out the colours and theme you are going for.


Floor lamps are functional but eye-catching, and a clear way to make a design statement in your space. Floor lamps are on display year-round and last several years, so selecting the right modern floor lamp can be a tough decision to make but worth the consideration.


When deciding which floor lamp is the one for you, ask yourself what the purpose of that lamp is? Get in the mind of an interior designer and visualise what you want the floor lamp to achieve. Think about the 3 main types of lighting. In case you’re not too familiar or need a refresh, they are as follows:


1. Ambient or General Lighting


This is the most basic type of lighting. The intention is to create an evenly lit room for the general ambiance and safety. Ambient light should bounce off walls and ceilings to illuminate as much as possible. This type of lighting is widely created using ceiling lighting, which you also get from Lina Home. However, this can also be created using standalone lighting such as floor lamps, which you can use to update your living room by moving them about from corner to corner. So why not change things up and use one of our stylish floor lamps as your ambient lighting option?


What floor lamps can I use for my Ambient Lighting?


For the perfect floor lamps for ambient lighting, our elegant range of tripod floor lamps are something you must look at.


These classy contemporary lamps, usually reserved for the photography studio, will make an exceptional choice for the living room. So, if you’re an interior designer looking to add that extra touch and impress your clients, our range is perfect for you.


Our chic collection features the gorgeous Wood Tripod Floor Lamp with Marine Green Shade and the stealthy Black Hollywood Floor Lamp with Charcoal Shade.


Tripod lamps have soared in popularity in recent years. These 3-legged floor lamps have an iconic style that grabs attention in any setting and makes an immediate statement. By using two of these tripod lamps in either corner of the living room, you are sure to create and spread ambient lighting in a sleek modern manner.


At Lina Home we have a vast range of tripod floor lamps, as well as matching tripod table lamps to go with whatever type of look you are going for. Be sure to view our full range of tripod lamps to modernise your home.


                                                                                                                                                                                           Tripod floor lamp with marine green shade from Lina Home in a living room.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Grey wood Hollywood director floor lamp from Lina Home, in the living room.


2. Accent Lighting


Accent lighting is predominantly used for creating a focal point in a room. This focal point could be a piece of artwork, a plant, a picture, or anything else you want your lighting to focus on. Accent lighting is directional and not intended to light up the whole room. You may have sentimental ornaments or special photography at home you want to draw attention to, and accent lighting is a great way to achieve that and enhance these treasured items.


What floor lamps can I use for my Accent Lighting?


To achieve accent lighting in a fashionable style, our Nickel & Clear Orbit Floor Lamp is an ideal choice. Accent lighting can also be achieved with our unique set of Director style Tripod Floor Lamps. This includes the Photo Luminaire Directors Tripod floor lamp, and the Hollywood Directors floor lamp, available in Black or Grey wood.


These floor lamps are a modern take on the traditional tripod lamps and feature a trendy light shade inspired by the film industry. These beautiful floor lamps are bound to illuminate and draw attention to your chosen centrepiece of the room. The head-on these floor lamps are adjustable, so you can take turns of what the focal point of the room is as many times as you like!


3. Task Lighting


Finally, the last type of lighting you need to know about is task lighting. As the name suggests, task lighting is used to help perform tasks such as desk work, reading, sewing, and so on. Effective task lighting should reduce glare and brighten or darken the room to meet your needs.


What floor lamps can I use for my Task Lighting?


While task lighting is mostly achieved using table lamps, at Lina Home we have a selection of fashionable floor lamps that are perfect for task lighting.


For a simple yet elegant solution, view our Telford Chrome and Glass floor lamp. Be sure to also have a look at our Chrome & Crystal Hollywood floor lamp. These floor lamps are perfect to have near the sofa in the living room, to use when working on the laptop, reading or for any other task you need to accomplish.


Now that you know about the different types of lighting, it’s time to get thinking and start shopping from our huge range. Making the right choice can be hard and crucial. Our large range of contemporary floor lamps for the living room or any other room can make the decision easier, or harder because they are so many great ones to choose from!


With shopping from Lina Home, if you really love one piece of furniture you can shop other pieces of matching furniture to build your whole room in one place. For our floor lamps, you can find matching living and bedroom furniture such as cushions, tables, mirrors and much more.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Chrome & Crystal Hollywood floor lamp from Lina Home, in a living room


If you are inspired by our flawless collection of floor lamps and other magnificent pieces of furniture, contact Lina Home today to find your local stockist where you can shop from our range.





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